Write for Out and Out Football

Write for Out and Out Football

This newsletter is nothing without the volunteers who find the courage and time to share their stories. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to run this newsletter.

If you have a story to tell about football and your LGBTQ+ identity, you can write something too. You’d be doing something amazing.

It’s simple to get started: just get in touch with a bit of information about you and what you’d like to write about. We’ll take things from there. We can help refine your idea — or even help you come up with one.

Get in touch by emailing pitch@outandout.football, or sending a message on Twitter or Instagram.

You’ll need to have decent writing skills, but don’t worry if you’ve never published anything before. We put lots of effort into helping you along the journey.

Every writer gets a gift in the post, Out and Out Football goodies, and my eternal gratitude. We’re working on generating income so we can pay our writers for their time and energy.